Exchange Lease

This isn’t your grandpa’s lease to own store. We want to offer customers more than the typical low weekly or monthly payment. At UHR, we have been working tirelessly to develop a new program that will reward our loyal customers.

Let us introduce you to an entirely new concept - the Exchange Lease. In the beginning, it’s just like any other lease agreement. But, when you complete your lease agreement, you get a brand new item (same make and model) with the manufacturer’s warranty. Exchange Lease is revolutionizing the lease to own industry and rewards the customer like never before.

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

  1. Start a new lease agreement for any furniture, home electronics or appliances that we carry.
  2. Complete your lease agreement.
  3. We’ll exchange the item for a new one, the same make and model, or we’ll upgrade you to the next available model, ALL with a complete manufacturer’s warranty.

UHR has created a new way to lease furniture, appliances, and electronics. It’s new because every customer gets a new product in the box with a new warranty after they’ve completed their lease agreement. The Exchange Lease is a smarter way to own. You won’t find a program like this at furniture, appliance, or electronics retail stores. This program is unique to the lease to own industry and available at all UHR locations.

Want to find out how you can participate in the Exchange Lease program? Call any one of our locations or fill out our contact form.