Video Gaming Systems

Enjoy your favorite video games and interactive content with a video gaming system rented from UHR Rents. Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 3, X360, We sell, rent to own or lease to own all the top video game consoles so you can choose the one that works best for your entertainment system and video gaming needs. When you We sell, rent to own or lease to own video gaming systems from UHR Rents you can be sure to get the best price for your budget so you don’t have to worry about your wallet.

Rent to Own / Lease to Own / Buy today any name brand TV (television) or Home Electronics. UHR Rents has the latest video game technologies and affordable prices to fit all budgets.  We offer many options to own  Competitive retail prices compare us against our competition.  Anybody who rents to own from UHR will enjoy our easy same as cash plan. It is designed for those who want start and finish their agreements fast.  UHR Rents has built its brand on the lowest lease purchase payents and the shortest term to rental purchase ownership.  We have a program for everybody.


Microsoft Xbox360 4GB System w/ Kinect

$20.00/week, $80.00/month, 120 Days Same as Cash $430.00 - 43 Weeks or 9.9 Months to Own

Microsoft Xbox360 250GB System

$19.75/week, $79.00/month, 90 Days Same as Cash $395.00 - 40 Weeks or 9.2 Months to Own

Microsoft Xbox One 500GB

$23.00/week, $92.00/month, 120 Days Same as Cash $575.00 - 50 Weeks or 10.5 Months to Own

Microsoft Xbox One System 500GB Kinect

$25.00/week, $100.00/month, 120 Days Same as Cash $650.00 - 52 Weeks or 12 Months to Own

Nintendo 3DS XL

$15.00/week, $60.00/month, 90 Days Same as Cash $315.00 - 42 Weeks or 9.8 Months to Own

Sony PS3 500GB

$19.75/week, $79.00/month, 90 Days Same as Cash $395.00 - 40 Weeks or 9.2 Months to Own

Sony PS4 500GB

$30.00/week, $120.00/month, 120 Days Same as Cash $585.00 - 39 Weeks or 9 Months to Own

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